Instant, Seamless, Secure .

No need for IBAN or Creditcard ,
Use the receivers phone number only to send money directly from your bank.

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It’s that simple!

Transfer using your friends and family mobile number

NO Subscriptions,
NO Extra COSTS .

SalimPay enables you to transfer money directly from your bank to family and friends using just their mobile numbers, eliminating the need for IBANs or credit card details.

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Because we facilitate direct bank-to-bank transfers, most transactions are settled and confirmed immediately. We'll also notify you of any potential delays before you initiate the transfer.

User friendly

SalimPay provides a user-friendly and seamless experience. We facilitate effortless integration of your bank accounts. Later on, peers can transfer money to your bank account using just the mobile number you've registered with SalimPay.


Your financial security is paramount. SalimPay employs cutting-edge security measures to ensure every transaction is safe and transparent

Count on your AI
for support and assistance whenever you need it

Meet your personal financial assistant, powered by AI, and available 24/7.It is designed to simplify your financial journey by managing your expenses through chat. Think of it as having a ChatGPT, but specifically tailored for your finances.

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